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2012 Location: Philadelphia... Relocation from NY!
Comfort level changes! New area, new market... Time to evolve!
The relocation was just what I needed to push my photography to the next level!

...Expanded into the world of fashion photography, defined my lane as a photographer The model Portfolio, expanded my scope into the world of video, magazine and app creation  with photography always staying the focal point of everything I do!

2016 Big Things... We are now the official home of the "beginner model portfolio"

Creating my first show on cable broadcast! Also creating a Youtube channel dedicated to all of the beautiful models out there!      

RED Facts...

2010 - Everything has a beginning... This was the year that what started out as the concept for a photo book soon became a discovery into what I believe has always been the driving force in my life.
RED Photography has always been a part of me whether I realized it or not! It just took a weird chain of events to unleash what was always bubbling just beneath the surface. I have loved photography from the moment I held that first 35mm camera in my hand... The first time I released the shutter... The first time I set foot into a darkroom...

Of course the world of digital photography has changed the game a bit... But the love is still there...

Who is RED?